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About Dr. Breck Thrash

I grew up in the Oklahoma panhandle on a cattle ranch, where sunscreen was about as scarce as palm trees.  I realized I wanted to be a doctor when I fell off a horse at 3 years of age and had to have my broken arm placed in a cast by my family doctor.  It wasn’t until after completing undergrad and medical school at the University of Oklahoma followed by almost 3 years of internal medicine residency at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas that I realized dermatology, not cardiology, was what I really wanted to do when I grew up. 

Dermatology struck a chord, from the medical mission trips in Guatemala and Peru where I saw mothers bring their children in from miles away to discuss their spots and infestations, to the countless blurry text message pictures my friends and family sent me in hopes I could diagnose and cure their skin ailments. 

People care about their skin….a lot.  In dermatology I am able to teach my patients while treating them and have seen firsthand this education pay off as they make healthier choices. 

Dermatology also provides me the ability to use my hands through cancer surgery, aesthetics like botox and fillers, and even extracting various cysts, bumps, and boils, as gross as that my sound. 

In short, dermatology offers something for the science nerd, the do-gooder, and the athlete that make up my personality. 

Luckily, and in no small measure armed with an ethic my ranch hand parents instilled in me, I had worked hard in medical school earning a 4.0 grade point average and AOA membership which made it possible to apply for the residency in dermatology at BUMC that I completed in June of 2013. 

I am very grateful to have found an occupation I am so rewarded by.

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