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When a skin infection occurs, it is often painful and causes significant anxiety or concern for the patient.  There are concerns of who else the patient could infect as well as the social implication of having a skin infection.  The infection that comes to mind most commonly is the bacterial infection called “Staph,” short for Staphylococcus.  It is somewhat common for normal, well-appearing individuals to carry “Staph” inside of their nose or even around their buttocks.  When a minor scrape or skin irritation occurs, these bacteria are notorious for setting up shop whenever the opportunity arises.  Patients who carry Staphylococcus inside their nose often need treatment of the inside of the nose, and it is common to treat other closely associated family members, roommates, or coworkers, depending on the situation.  We see patients with recurrent skin infections from “Staph” including folliculitis, boils, or skin abscesses.  Patients with eczema are commonly affected because the skin barrier is damaged by the eczematous condition.

Other bacterial skin infections that are important but less common include other bacterial infections that cause cellulitis or folliculitis.  These conditions are usually easily treated with antibiotics.  We also see a fair number of patients with fungal infections of the scalp, groin, body skin, or nails.  While treatment may be prolonged, these are also highly treatable conditions.  Viral skin infections with HPV (Human Papillomavirus) or HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus), tend to be more long-standing/chronic but are also highly treatable.  Depending on the patient’s immune system, it can be hard to cure a wart caused by HPV or recurrent Herpes infections.  Immunotherapy for warts or daily suppressive therapy for Herpes can come into play for these patients.  Finally, infections caused by parasites such as scabies or lice can be of major social concern but are usually not dangerous to the patient.   We try to help the patient cope with the parasite as quickly and effectively as possible so that it will no longer be of concern. 


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