Trinity Vista Dermatology in Fort Worth has two great modalities to treat unsightly leg veins.  These veins may occur because of genetic tendency, pregnancy, or from lifestyle factors like sitting or standing for long periods of time.

The first type of treatment is called sclerotherapy.  At Trinity Vista Dermatology, sclerotherapy is performed using Asclera®, an FDA-approved medication for treatment of leg veins.   Asclera® is used for red spider veins or blue reticular veins smaller than 3mm in diameter.

Another great treatment option is the Sciton®Nd:YAG laser that can target the blood inside vessels.  Both modalities, sclerotherapy and laser treatment may require multiple treatments and require the use of compression stockings after treatment.  Deeper varicose veins that bulge from the skin or have venous reflux may need a referral for a different treatment, so pretreatment consultation with one of our providers is recommended.

What can I expect during and after treatment with Asclera®?
The day of treatment several small injections are made into the leg veins.  In some cases, the veins are connected, and one tiny prick can treat a cluster of veins.

After the treatment, the veins will look inflamed, and some bruises may be present.  Compression stockings that the patient brings with him or her to treatment are worn home and then worn continuously for 3 days.  Daily use of the stockings is recommended for 2-3 weeks.  The patient is encouraged to walk some right after treatment but not to exercise intensely.  Veins should gradually look better over approximately 3 weeks of healing.

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Sciton® Nd:YAG Before

Sciton® Nd:YAG After