Age-related volume loss can be treated with dermal fillers, available at Trinity Vista Dermatology in Fort Worth.  The filler of choice depends upon many things, namely the area to be treated and preference of the patient and the injector.

The most common area patients notice starting to lose volume is the lower face, but actually, the loss of volume begins even higher.  The temples become hollow over time, and the cheekbone area can lose structure.  Correction of mid-face volume loss is key to overall volume restoration.   When the upper face and mid-face volume loss is addressed, even less filler is needed in the lower face.  Lower face volume restoration typically includes correction of nasolabial folds, mental folds (chin area), and structure added to the chin or jawline.

Some patients have a loss of volume due to genetics, weight loss, medications, or disease.  In each of these cases, a careful exam and discussion of what can be achieved are recommended.

For patients with acne scarring, a filler may be incorporated along with other modalities to correct the problem and decrease the appearance of scars.

Finally, some patients request an augmentation of their normal appearance, such as a slightly fuller appearance of the lips or a slightly lifted cheekbone.  These subtle changes are artfully created to match the patient’s desired effect.

Trinity Vista Dermatology is pleased to offer the following filling agents:

Choice of agent for specific areas should be discussed in cosmetic consultation with our experienced providers at Trinity Vista Dermatology.