With normal aging and muscle movement from expression, facial wrinkles form and deepen over time. Fortunately, neurotoxin (Botox® or Dysport®) injections have been developed to combat these wrinkles, restore a more youthful appearance, and even prevent new wrinkle formation. Both Botox® and Dysport® injection are offered at Trinity Vista Dermatology in Fort Worth.

What are neurotoxins?
Botox® and Dysport® are purified protein products of botulinum toxin that work by temporarily preventing muscle contraction at the site of local injection. This causes the relaxation of facial muscles, which helps soften existing wrinkles and prevent new ones.

What wrinkles can be treated by Botox® or Dysport®?
Neurotoxins are approved for cosmetic treatment of forehead wrinkles, the frown lines between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet, but they are also commonly used to treat certain small upper lip wrinkles, “gummy” smiles, chin dimpling, and enlarged cheek or jaw muscles. They are not used to fill in static lines and wrinkles due to volume loss; rather this is better accomplished with fillers.

Is it safe?
Neurotoxins have been used safely for decades. In the hands of an experienced injector, there are few very minor potential side effects. The most common side effect is a small pinpoint bruise at the site of the injection that typically resolves in a few days. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not have neurotoxin injections due to lack of safety evidence.

What can I expect?
Neurotoxin treatments are fast and relatively painlatPatients are often surprised at how quick and easy this treatment is. There may be a small amount of swelling around the injection site that typically resolves within a few hours. Results can take about 7-14 days to take full effect. Depending on the area and amount injected, the results typically last from 3-6 months.

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